Founded in 1971 by Alessandro Quaranta, Rubinetteria Quaranta become during the last 40 years, a well known manufacturer in sanitary ware field and it’s able to quickly answer to the international market needs.

Rubinetteria Quaranta exports almost 98% of its production all over the world: Europe, Middle and Far East, Africa, North and South America, Canada and Oceania.

The latest technology, the production optimisation and an excellent worldwide distribution guarantee a prompt and right answer to all the customer needs. Rubinetteria Quaranta, placed on 7.500 sqm, is able to suggest competitive solutions and excellent services as customer is on the centre of each strategy.

Quaranta production offers a wide range of items and finishings; the exchangeability of some components guarantee the high design level and personalized solutions. Stright tests on all the pieces and high quality materials guarantee the best quality, a right working and high performances.

Thanks to shrewd contracting strategies, the inside management of some production phases, a dynamic leadership and a constant research, rubinetteria Quaranta reached a charming position in sanitary ware field.


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